The Respiratory Nurse Research Consortium

The Respiratory Research Consortium (RNRC) is a sub-committee of ARNS. Launched in May 2017. The RNRC aims to mobilise and aggregate the collective experience, knowledge, and capacity for respiratory care research nationally, through co-ordination, mentorship, and collaboration. The RNRC committee has representatives with a wide range of clinical and academic backgrounds, including paediatrics, representing a wide geographical reach within the United Kingdom and has patient representation.

The Vision: Aims and objectives activity the RNRC

The Vision: Respiratory nurses will be empowered to speak with a single voice on research issues, enabling an influencing, lobbying, and consultative forum.

Definition: Respiratory Nurse Research is led by respiratory nurses to generate knowledge to guide, inform and progress the care delivered to respiratory patients.

Mission statement: To promote and facilitate high quality, collaborative, multidisciplinary research relevant to respiratory nursing, health and social care, and people living with a respiratory condition and their lay carers and families, which impacts on nursing practice, education and policy.

Members of the RNRC (November 2017)

Name Office / Responsibility
Dr Carol Kelly – EHU Chair RNRC
Dr Matt Hodson Vice Chair RNRC
Dr Karen Heslop-Marshall Media
Prof Janelle Yorke Professorial support
Joe Annandale Wales
Ian Kenworthy Patient Representative
Ann McMurray Scotland & NPRANG Representative
Sara Gordon N Ireland
Kate Lippiet PhD Student member

ARNS Research Strategy 2017-2022

Following UK-wide Delphi study, respiratory nurse research priorities were identified and informed a five-year research strategy for the Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists (ARNS). The ARNS Research Strategy can be downloaded here: ARNS Research Strategy FINAL

ARNS is pleased to announce that the findings from the Delphi survey to identify research priorities by UK respiratory nurses has now been published in ERJ Open Research. This can be viewed online or downloaded from: This is an Open Access publication and can be accessed free of charge.


Kelly C, Kirkcaldy A, Pilkington M, Hodson M, Welch L, Yorke, J, and Knighting K. Research priorities for respiratory nursing: A UK-wide Delphi study. European Respiratory Journal Open Research. Under Review

Kelly C, Heslop-Marshall K, Hodson M. (2017) Research for Respiratory Nurses: The Establishment Of A Research Consortium. Nursing Times. IN PRESS. Date of Acceptance 2.11.17.

Yorke J, Prigmore S, Hodson M, et al.  Evaluation of the current landscape of respiratory nurse specialists in the UK: planning for the future needs of patients.  BMJ Open Respiratory Research 2017;4:e000210. doi: 10.1136/bmjresp-2017-000210

Conference Presentations

Heslop-Marshall K, Knighting K, Pilkington M and Kelly C. (2017) M12 A UK survey on the experience and views of Respiratory Nurses (RNs) on their role in delivering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Thorax; 72 (Suppl 3): A243.


Kelly C, Kirkaldy A, Pilkington M, Hodson M, Welch L, Yorke J, Knighting K. (2017) Research priorities for respiratory nursing: A UK-wide Delphi Study. Oral Presentation. ERS Annual Congress, Milan, Italy. 11th Sept. 2017.

The RNRC was initially funding through a Research Institute Thematic Awards (RITA) start-up fund, affiliated to the Postgraduate Medical Research Institute (PGMI), Edge Hill University, Lancashire. In November 2017 the RNRC was incorporated into the ARNS governance structure and sits as a sub-committee of ARNS.

Further details related to the RNRC and if you are interested in collaborating with the sub-committee please contact Carol Kelly on

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