New website for Asthma UK Centre for Applied Asthma Research

New website for Asthma UK Centre for Applied Asthma Research

On World Asthma Day (2 May 2017) the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research launched a new website – a brand new virtual home for the Centre.

The website celebrates the wealth of applied asthma research across the UK conducted by members of the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, as well as the supporting platforms that support and facilitate the research process.  It makes it easy to find out about recent activity, recent research publications, news and events.

People affected by asthma are at the core of all Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research work. The new website celebrates our active patient and public involvement groups and provides information for people affected by asthma on how they can get involved and provide a valuable contribution to help transform the lives of people affected by asthma across the UK.

The website contains a unique, curated catalogue of big data sets on Asthma in the UK – so researchers can see at a glance what data are available, where they are held and how to obtain data relevant to their research. This will be an invaluable resource, and will continue to grow and develop.

A fantastic postgraduate training programme supports the next generation of researchers – current PhD students form a vibrant and active group, though they are based at various locations around the UK. The new website highlights opportunities for prospective PhD students, as well as giving lots of information on current students.

The Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research Methodology Platform shares expertise in planning, executing and analysing data from trials, and is developing mechanisms to facilitate secondary uses of data.  The new website is a great resource for researchers across the UK to find out about events, workshops and more information from experts across the Centre.

Centre co-director Professor Aziz Sheikh, of the University of Edinburgh, said

“I am delighted to launch this new website on World Asthma Day. It will be a great resource for anyone interested in applied asthma research”

Visit the new website and have a look – find out what the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research has been up to and how you can get involved:

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