Research and Education Sub Committee

Carol Kelly

Chair of Research and Education Sub Committee

Dr Carol Kelly, Chair, Respiratory Nurse Research Consortium (RNRC)

Carol is a registered nurse who has worked as a Respiratory Nurse Specialist and held senior clinical roles in the NHS and overseas for several years. Based in higher education since 2003, and with both clinical and academic expertise in the subject area, she contributes to the delivery of curriculum relevant to respiratory care. Carol is currently Reader in Respiratory Care and Head of Department in the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine.

As a member of the Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists (ARNS) Executive Committee, she collaborates on several national projects and is a keen advocate for respiratory nursing. She is Chair of the RNREC (Respiratory Nurse Research & Education Consortium), a collaborative venture between ARNS & the Health Research Institute at EHU.

Research Interests
Carol’s research interests focus on respiratory care, in particular the needs and care provided to respiratory patients, and the impact that training, education and knowledge have on the provision and quality of that care. She was awarded a PhD for her work exploring perceptions of oxygen therapy. Her current research projects include: models of self-management for bronchiectasis patients. Carol has published two Cochrane reviews featuring antibiotic use and self-management in bronchiectasis and was member of the BTS (British Thoracic Society) Emergency Oxygen Guidelines Group.

Carol Kelly

Dr Karen Heslop-Marshall

Vice Chair


Dr Karen Heslop-Marshall, Media

Karen has worked in respiratory medicine since 1988.  Karen’s clinical role is varied and she see’s patients a number of respiratory conditions including asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, lung fibrosis, tuberculosis, lung cancer and bronchiectasis.   Karen mainly works in secondary care but also undertakes home visits.

Karen has represented nurses on a number of committees including the British Thoracic Society Standards of Care Committee, BTS Specialist Advisory Group for COPD.   She  has been involved in representing nurses on national guideline groups for nebulisers, asthma, bronchiectasis, COPD, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Quality Standards for Bronchiectasis and  the NICE COPD  Quality Standards Group and  Commissioning Framework Group and is BTS Quality Improvement Committee.

Karen’s interest in conducting her own research developed when she completed a post graduate diploma in CBT in 2003.   Karen developed  a CBT treatment specifically for  patients with respiratory problems who face psychological difficulties.  Karen completed a National Institute of Health Research PhD Clinical Academic Training Research Fellowship from 2011 to 2016.  Her PhD research was the largest RCT into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for COPD  patients who experience anxiety and depression. Karen is developing an interactive online CBT treatment programme for COPD, similar to Karen’s face to face treatment.  Karen also provides a foundation course in CBT for the physical health setting for staff wanting to learn CBT skills in the physical health setting.

Karen is a co-applicant for research in the use of CBT for respiratory patients before pulmonary rehabilitation and supervisor for two PhD students.

Dr Karen Heslop-Marshall

Dr Nicola Roberts

Sottish Lead


Nicola has a background in Biological Sciences and Toxicology however she works as a health services researcher and Senior Lecturer within the Department of Nursing and Community Health at Glasgow Caledonian University. Her research focuses on evaluating the delivery of care to those with respiratory illnesses and other long-term conditions. This includes the evaluation of service developments such as the use of self-management tools, improving referrals to pulmonary rehabilitation and improving patient-HCP communication. Current research includes the role of patient activation in rehabilitation programmes, and the delivery of education in pulmonary rehabilitation.  She is also a committee member of the British Thoracic Society Science and Research committee.

Nicola Roberts

Heather Randle

England Lead


As  Senior Nurse and Clinical Lead with three practices within Coventry, I support two traditional GP practices and one providing services to the homeless.  I Chair our local Clinical Governance meetings and  am a regional Clinical Lead and National Lead at the Nurse and Medicines Management meetings.

I am a dedicated and experienced nurse manager who has worked in primary care for more than twenty years. My experience as a clinical lead, a professional development lead, a prescribing lead and an educator ensures that I have the skills and knowledge to communicate effectively and set high standards of care. I also enjoy educating and developing others

Heather Randle

Joe Annandale

Wales Lead


Joe Annandale, Wales Lead

Joe qualified as a registered nurse in 1992 and started working within the respiratory speciality in 1996. Joe currently leads a small team at Prince Philip Hospital, Llanelli and runs the home ventilation service across south west Wales. His time is split 60% clinical and 40% research having been awarded a 3 year Clinical Research Time grant from Health and Care Research Wales. This has led to him starting a PhD and becoming the Principal investigator for 3 national research studies (COPD & MND).

Joe has been involved with ARNS for about 20 years and has sat on its committee. This opened up many doors including representing ARNS on the UK Respiratory Research Consortium, BTS Home Oxygen Guideline Development Group, BTS Standards of Care Committee, NRAD and currently the BTS/SIGN Asthma Guideline Review Group.

Joe has published numerous articles, written chapters in a book and e-learning modules. He enjoys teaching and supporting staff development but still maintains his motivation through improving patient outcomes, be it face to face, improving the service or on a national level.

Joe wants to try and promote nursing research, particularly respiratory and wants to continue supporting ARNS in implementing its research strategy.

Joe Annandale

Anne McMurray

Paediatric Lead

Ann qualified as a registered general nurse in 1993 and worked briefly in adult medicine before moving to Scotland to complete her registered Sick Children’s (RSCN) conversion course.  She has worked at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh since qualifying in 1995.

In 2003 she set up the asthma nurse service providing holistic care to children and their families in hospital and the community. She has completed 5 modules on asthma and allergy through Education for Health and also completed her BSc in child health nursing.  She is a non-medical prescriber.   She is currently on secondment as a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh/ AUKCAR.

Ann is the Chair of the National Paediatric Respiratory and Allergy Nurses Group (NPRANG) and paediatric lead on the research and education sub group within ARNS.

Ann is actively involved in education and is part of the Scottish Allery and Respiratory Academy (SARA) teaching faculty.

Anne McMurray

Kate Lippiet

Kate has worked in the NHS since 1999, first in complaints and litigation, then in NHS management. She completed the NHS management training scheme in 2003 and was awarded an MSc in Health Management from the University of Birmingham in 2005. She then re-trained as a nurse, specialising in acute medical and then respiratory nursing.  In 2016, Kate was awarded a Health Foundation scholarship, administered by the University of Southampton, to undertake a full-time PhD, identifying and characterising patients’ experiences of burden of treatment in lung cancer or COPD.

Kate currently works as a Senior Research Assistant in the Macmillan Survivorship Research Group (MSRG) within Health Sciences

Kate Lippiet

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