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Elections for the 2 vacant posts on the ARNS Executive Committee are now open.  Please vote for your 2 favoured candidates.  The voting will remain open until Friday, 27th May at 5.00pm.

The candidates are below, please click on their image or scroll further down to read their supporting statements.

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Debbie Hartman

Karen Moore

Alison Hughes

Mal North

Sarah Kearney

Maria Oyston

Debbie Hartman

Debbie Hartman

My name is Debbie Hartman and I work as a Respiratory Nurse Specialist in Glangwili Hospital in Carmarthen.  I am married to a farmer and have 2 children who are 12 and 9.

I have been qualified as a nurse for 20 years having trained in London in the early 90s.  My formative nursing years were spent in general medicine and ITU in both Wales and London.  I was fortunate to get an F grade development Respiratory Nurse role in 2004 and have been working within Respiratory  Care since then, obtaining the band 7 Respiratory CNS role in January 2015.

I did a preregistration degree, and became a Non medical prescriber in 2012.  I have also undertaken various disease specific modules and plan at some point to undertake further Masters work in relation to the respiratory  service I manage.

Working in a District General Hospital in an area which covers a large geographical patch, for a trust which has 4 DGHs can be problematic.  The main issue being ensuring that we are providing evidence based care for a number of different conditions.  We do not have the luxury of disease specific nurses as we are a team of 2!!  The means that is essential for us to have links with larger centres to ensure that we delivering appropriate care.

Pressures on the Respiratory Nursing Service in our health board have been increasing year on year. We have tried working our way out of it with no success; hence, our small team have decided that we need to get involved strategically in order to make a difference for our patients.

I believe that all nurses working in respiratory care need to ensure that we are seen as innovators in care and advocates for our patients by providing gold standard care across the UK to all people with respiratory problems. To do this we need to make sure respiratory nurses are seen as essential to the care of people with respiratory conditions.  In these difficult times we need to ensure sustainability by providing, competence, adherence to polices and be drivers of policy change.

My special interests include Bronchiectasis and Asthma.

Wales has a devolved health care system which means that there are differences in the planning and delivery of care.  However, we share many issues.    I would be standing for the ARNS committee with a firm agenda of trying to increase membership in Wales and to improve integration.

Both of the roles that are available on the committee are of equal importance; however, the Bursary lead is particularly exciting as it actually provides funding for educational opportunities. My priority here would be increasing the awareness of these opportunities so that as many people as possible would apply.

I have always been impressed with the professionalism and expertise that ARNS offer and was inspired after recent conference.  This inspiration has led me to actually apply for the committee which is something that I had not seriously considered before.

I am excited by the prospect of being involved with a professional committee who have been prominent in driving Respiratory Nursing forward and would value your support.

Alison Hughes

Alison Hughes

I have been a member of ARNS for a few years now and had the pleasure of attending my first ARNS conference in Belfast last year.  I had previously only attended the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS) conference.  I had my eyes opened to the support and networking that this association quite rightly pride themselves on.  I felt that the supportive environment and education that I received following the conference have been second to none.  Being the ‘expert’ locally, I felt isolated at times but being part of ARNS has offered me the peer supervision that I needed

I have a unique job role which involves educating primary care staff, within my local CCG, including GPs, practice nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists regarding respiratory care. This might include disseminating updates, guidelines and where the new treatment options fit in with care.   I have a strong relationship with secondary care consultants and I am a link between the different’ worlds’ of secondary  and primary care by helping either side to understand how the other works.   I regularly receive referrals from GPs who are requesting help with spirometry interpretation and advice on management.   This gives me an opportunity to educate the GPs and also offer support.

I also work as a respiratory nurse specialist in a large GP surgery looking after their complex patients.  The GPs and nurses often feel out of their depth with these patients and I am able to offer support to them, give them a safely net and in-house training.  This reduces the need to refer to secondary care.  In general practice the nurse is often seen as the ‘specialist’ and when help is needed; they can’t always rely on their GPs to help manage these patients.  This is where a support network of fellow nurses with experience is so vital and why I feel my role is so important

I am an ARTP/BTS accredited spirometry assessor and regularly run course in my area along with a physiologist.  This has allowed me an insight into the practices that go on in my local area covering 3 CCGs and due to the trust I have established over the years, I have been able to influence practice for the better.

I was a panel member on the National Review for Asthma Deaths (NRAD) and found being involved with such an interesting review enhanced my practice and experience to no end.

I would like to be considered for the opportunity to be an executive member on the committee of ARNS as I feel I have experience to help others and would relish the opportunity to be involved more fully with this inspiring organisation

Sarah Kearney

Sarah Kearney

Qualifying as an RGN in 1992, I spent much of my early career in general medicine at The Royal London Hospital. I was appointed as junior ward sister in respiratory medicine in 1997 but went on maternity leave a year later. During this time, we relocated to the Isle of Wight where, fatefully, a part time Respiratory nurse post was advertised only a few weeks after my first son was born. From those days of being a single practitioner developing a new service, the role has evolved and I now jointly manage the respiratory department, share clinical leadership with our consultant and work closely with the CCG lead GP to lead a local respiratory network. I had my post ‘badged’ by the BLF in August 2010 and my clinical work is almost entirely in the community supporting patients to stay at home and developing self management plans. I am the service lead for home oxygen and assessment and see patients for both assessment and review; follow up visits after acute admissions and provide palliative care. I lead a small multi- disciplinary team whose main focus is COPD and pulmonary rehabilitation.

In 2010 I worked for one day a week with South Central SHA as a clinical fellow, supporting Maxine Hardinge on the National Strategy and sat on the regional respiratory board, which fuelled my enthusiasm for working outside of our geographical boundary. I recently participated as an assessor for the RCP pulmonary rehabilitation accreditation pilot project. Our Respiratory Network is running collaborative projects with the Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), one of which is shortlisted for an HSJ award.

I previously sat on the BLF Breathe easy subcommittee and am a member of ARNS, BTS and the PCRS. I have been a member of the Wessex respiratory nurse group for over 15 years and have been on the organizing committee of their bi-annual Respiratory conference for several of those.

I am a British Lung Foundation (BLF) supporter and started Breathe Easy IW 10 years ago. Our team was one of the first to sign up in its entirety for BLF Professionals.

In 2005 and 2011 I won the British Lung Foundation Breath of Fresh Air Award for Outstanding Healthcare in the Community, which was nominated by the local Breathe Easy Group.

I have a wealth of experience and enthusiasm and would welcome the opportunity to fill either of the vacant committee positions. I am passionate about nursing in general and respiratory nursing specifically and am keen to be part of an organisation that informs the respiratory nursing agenda and influences its strategy and development, whilst empowering its members to deliver patient centred care, keeping the role of the nurse at the heart of the patient experience. There is much to learn from the other committee members as well as sharing of my own experience and knowledge and I am keen to learn new skills and network with colleagues across the country.

Karen Moore

Karen Moore

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for a committee member position with your organisation. The whole ethos of ARNS support of clinicians to achieve excellence and its reputation for empowering best practice is exciting and something that is close to my heart. I have endeavoured to deliver these ideals as part of my role.

I have worked as a Respiratory Specialist Nurse within Community Health Services for  approaching nine years, with team lead responsibilities for four years. Prior to this I was employed as a Practice Nurse with an interest in Long term Conditions for 12 years. I feel that my experience within General Practice and the Community; working with patients, nurses, allied health care professionals and commissioners would greatly complement the ARNS committee.

My role is multifaceted. It includes leading the specialist respiratory team service which comprises of 12 band six and seven nurses who mainly care for patients with COPD and asthma. We see patients in their homes and Community Hospital Clinics, but the main stay of our work is delivering clinics within GP Practices to review patients but also improve and develop Practice Nurse’s respiratory competencies. I have developed and delivered an innovative spirometry assurance scheme which involves working closely with commissioners from all three CCGs to ensure that GP Practices are achieving high quality standards of lung function testing and includes marking submissions and giving feedback and education to those practices who fail to meet the required standard.

One of my passions is getting respiratory diagnoses correct and I love teaching spirometry. I am in the process of arranging for our team to work with prison nurses to develop their skills which is an exciting prospect. I also work very closely with our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service which delivers within nine community venues across the county, we have recently included patients with heart failure and we are looking to deliver within a local prison this year. I love working within Pulmonary Rehabilitation and cherish the time I spend there. The joy of seeing patients learn about their disease and its management and progress is wonderful.

My greatest love is teaching, I have delivered spirometry courses for Education for Health as one of their facilitators and I am also committed to teaching inhaler technique. I have been involved with delivering inhaler technique training to many Health Care Professionals and relish the opportunity to spread best practice recognising the improvement that this ’back to basics’ approach can have to patients’ lives. I feel privileged that my varied role allows me many opportunities to share and teach best practice and develop the skills of care givers of the future.

As a member of the Leicestershire and Rutland Respiratory Prescribing Group I am able to keep myself and the team updated with regard to prescribing issues in respiratory medicine. Attending these meetings and disseminating the guidance ensures the service is kept abreast of any new medications and the challenges these present.

Presenting information to influence others and communicate ideas is a skill of which I have significant experience. I have developed my skills to deliver presentations ensuring that they are effective, have specific objectives and impact. I conducted an audit and re audit to examine if the respiratory team were delivering COPD care in line with NICE guidance; this year I delivered the results at the LPT audit conference and the results have been added to the NICE shared learning database. The action plan from the initial audit has greatly improved the care patients receive from the team and subsequent re audit demonstrated the improvement has been sustained.

From a more personal perspective, I have a friendly manner and I am very organised, having four sons has helped with this enormously! I am a ‘starter finisher’ and can be relied upon to get a job done.  I relish my clinical role and I am determined to improve and drive forward high quality and compassionate care for patients and their carers. I have long established links with the local breatheasy groups and speak regularly at their meetings.

In conclusion I am a dedicated, enthusiastic, reliable and conscientious nurse. I have a wealth of experience and I am committed to delivering excellent patient care. I love nursing and it would be an absolute privilege to join your wonderful team.

Mal North

Mal North

I trained at Southampton University Hospitals as an enrolled nurse and qualified in1990 and subsequently converted to a Registered Nurse. Since qualifying I have always worked in respiratory medicine and have experience of working across secondary and primary care in clinical, research and educational roles. I have a passion and interest in all things respiratory though have a fondness for COPD and asthma. Over the past 10 years most of the posts I been employed in have been leadership roles, working on innovative pilots and service development projects and had the opportunity in 2014 to present my project on the impact of an electronic self-management system for patients with COPD.

. I am currently working as a co investigator on two research studies with Portsmouth NHS Trust investigating the use of web based programmes in the pulmonary rehabilitation and self management of people with COPD and have just accepted a post as a Respiratory Nurse Specialist working for the WESSEX CLAHRC team working on a range of projects seeking achieving sustainable improvements in respiratory health. I believe that knowledge is essential for career progression and quality of care. With the new NMC revalidation process it is key that nurses provide evidence and reflect on their professional development to identify and changes or improvements they can make to their practice based on what they have learnt. During my career I have reflected on the educational needs of my myself, my colleagues and my patients and have always attempted to make education as accessible as possible to support this I have become a active committee member of two Breathe Easy Groups in Southampton and have been tasked to organise talks and question and answer sessions by medical staff on a variety of topics for their members. I am also Chair of the Southampton City Airways with the responsibility of organising education evenings providing a resource for those nurses and allied healthcare professionals who find they are unable to attend such events during their working time. I have been a member of ARNS for many years now and have always been thankful to the committee for supporting me with the development of my career. I now feel its time I gave a little back! I am committed to improving the access to and quality of education nurses and allied healthcare professionals receive as well as our improving the lives on my patients and wish to continue this work with the support of the ARNS committee and members. I feel I can bring to the committee a lot of experience in the planning delivery and organisation of education events and have experience of working with sponsors in the commercial sector to provide such events.

Maria Oyston

Maria Oyston

I am currently the 8a lead respiratory lead Nurse for the Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster community team under Imperial NHS Trust. Previously I was a respiratory Clinical Nurse Specialist at Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals for 5 years.   Both roles involve caring for acutely unwell and stable patients with COPD, asthma, ACOS and bronchiectasis. Prior to this I worked in ICU for 2years.

Education to patients, carers and health care professional is an essential part of managing patients with respiratory conditions and with the constant updates in medications and guidelines it is imperative that information is disseminated to ensure that up to date evidence based practice is implemented. I feel that I have good experience in organising information dissemination and teaching sessions.

I currently teach on the Imperial ARTP spirometry course and organise GP practice and group session training on spirometry. I really enjoy the educational aspect of the role and whilst a CNS, I was the course director of the Imperial Respiratory Study day which I organised and taught on.  I was also one of 3 Imperial Clinical Nurse co- chairs for 2 years which involved organising bi-monthly education sessions and bi-monthly CNS forums to discuss issues affecting this group of nurses. We also organised an annual conference for 200 CNS’s across the trust, which we also presented on.

I am a nurse prescriber and have just completed my PGdip in Advanced practice at Kings College London, which will become the full MSc once I have completed the dissertation next year.  I currently run two asthma clinics and one COPD diagnostic/optimisation clinic which involves a great deal of education to patients and carers. I have been involved with CLARHC for the last 5 years working on firstly the COPD bundle project, secondly the chronic disease management It project and at present an asthma and IAPT pathway.

I am passionate about respiratory care and feel that education underpins all of the work that we do; Therefore, I think I would be able to bring a great deal to the role of education lead and feel that I could improve the links we need in order to get a great network of evidence based information being shared amongst HCPs.

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